Technology is the real job killer and it will get worse

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    I recently have read about bringing jobs back to America. My problem with this statement is that how many jobs are there to bring back? The days of thousands of people in factories making doodads, for the most part, is over. Today factories are moving into automation and computer software doing the work that people used to do. This is not a bad thing, it’s all part of the human evolution, and where we are having problems is the design of the current economy doesn’t match up with this change.

    Many years ago when I started in my career, it would take upwards of 30 people to perform the task of what 3 people can do today. What would have taken me personally 8 hours to do back then I can do in seconds today. There are 2 major issues here, one is that the need for the “labor” has diminished greatly and the second is the “compensation” for the increase in that amount of productivity has not kept up. I’m not complaining, I am only stating the obvious. The ability for a single person to produce in most jobs has probably increased 100’s if not 1000’s of times over, however the pay has typically gone down when you factor in inflation.

    I am a firm believer that we cannot stop innovation and change is part of the overall improvement of the human condition. Change is the necessary driving force of nature that allows all things to grow and evolve into the next phase of existence. Humans have gone through all sorts of development in economies and societies. In recent years we have gone through an agriculture economy, into a manufacturing or production based economy and to the current consumer based economy or as some would call it, a debt based economy. All of these economies and societies have played a vital role in the development of the human condition.

    Now we have a problem, you cannot have a consumer/debt based economy where the vast majority of people aren’t working. The dilemma we are confronted with in contemporary society is how do you run this style of economy where robotics and technology are replacing the standard way citizens of a society earn money? The answer to the question is simple, you can’t. What that means is its time to change how we do things.

    I know what you are you thinking, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, and you are probably correct. Let’s be honest, no one has either figured out what the next change is or whoever can enact the change doesn’t want to. Either way, without change there is always dire consequences. History has proven this theory time and time again. This is not conspiracy theory, its math.

    I want to make it clear that technology is not our enemy. The way the current economy is, for lack of a better term, our enemy. Because in order for it to be effective people need to work to earn currency to buy goods and resources. We are seeing the replacement of people because of the technology and by default the improvement in the human condition.

The Deviant View on Technology Killing Jobs

    As we looks towards the future we have to consider what the next economy look like. Personally this is a tough question to answer, because currency is and has been the standard way to run an economy since the beginning of time. If we don’t use currency in its contemporary form, than what will currency be? I have thought about this considerably and the only answer I can come up with is some form of a “personal” driven economy. What I mean by that is people in some capacity will have to contribute to the required resource consumption instead of just consuming or buying resources.

    You may be asking, what in the world does that mean? Well, what I am suggesting is this: maybe houses are equipped with some form of “green” energy. Where the house uses what it produces and “gives back” to the grid what it doesn’t. Maybe we get back into personal gardening, where we grow fruits and veggies to possibly share in a community. Maybe we have rain catchment systems to use the water in gardening, car washing or toilet flushing.

    The reason I came up with this idea is for a few reasons. Humans need purpose and something to do otherwise big problems happen. Soon there will not be enough resources for everyone, this isn’t conspiracy theory its math. Finally, as technology continues to improve and become more common place, people just won’t be needed like they are now.

    Maybe my answer isn’t the best, but at least I hope it starts a new conversation and hopefully new ideas on what to do in the next evolution of the economy and the human condition.

By King Deviant
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