The Next Generation Needs Our Support and Guidance


The Next Generation Trying to Find Their Way

    Recently my stepson has been spending a lot more time at our house. He used to stop by during the downtime in his schedule, waiting for friends to get off work or for a party to start. He might spend an hour here or there hanging out in the early hours of the evening and would occasionally bring along a friend because they were bored. What started with one friend, turned into three and now we have found ourselves with a porch full of fifteen kids hanging out every night until 2 o’clock in the morning.

    Instead of waiting to go somewhere else, these kids can’t seem to wait to get off work and speed over to talk to my husband and their friends all night. We have even seen the kids coming over without my stepson now and starting to bring new friends over. We are talking about a group of young adults that have gotten into a lot of trouble in their lives. Now that they have entered adulthood and have full time jobs, they are beginning to realize they can’t act as irresponsibility as they once did but they still want to have fun.

Guiding the Next Generation

    More often than not, these nights turn into a question and answer session either between the boys and my husband. They want to know about life. These kids waited their entire lives to become adults and now that they have reached adulthood, they seem really confused about (a)why adulthood is so boring and (b) why their isn’t any opportunity for them. They are working really hard, most of them labor jobs, and are finding out fast what most of us adults know – there isn’t going to be an end for them any time soon.

    The situation has made me realize something about young adults: they need a good adult role model now more than ever. I’m not really talking about a model citizen to keep them in line. I’m more talking about an adult that will listen to them and give them a place to express themselves. Without it, they are undoubtedly going to end up in a lot of trouble – not necessarily with the law but the potential to ruin their lives before they even start.

Young Adults Need Answers

    My husband has graciously allowed these boys a garage to work on their dirt bikes and a fire pit to unwind around to keep their hands busy and their asses parked in one place. Now instead of going to parties where they end up doing hardcore drugs or get in knife fights out of boredom, they have a place to go where they are safe and amused. It’s a lot bigger than it seems – he’s actually giving them a chance to change the future.

    It’s crazy to listen to the discussions they get into throughout the night. As reckless and wild as they are, their thinking is much deeper than that. They discuss political issues, the meaning of life, goals and dreams and disappointments. He advises them on how to deal with what live gives them without self-destructing – a life lesson much more important than most of us realize.

    I’m not writing this as a pat on the back to King Deviant. I’m writing it because those of us that are smart enough to realize what life’s real issues are need to guide the next generation to a better life. Parents today have given their children a horrible example to live by; a sure fire way to live an absolutely miserable life. The Deviants need to reach out to this next generation and help them come together to do better than we did.

Don’t Abandon Your Kids Now

    Parenting doesn’t stop when our kids turn 18, get jobs or are financially independent. That isn’t the time to sit back and pretend like we did a great job just because they are alive. We need to continue to provide the guidance and support to tackle the most challenging time of their lives. The 18-21 year old years are the ones that really make or break them. I know for a fact that they aren’t getting the good advice, perspective and understanding that is necessary to get past the years where drugs, pregnancy, disease and debt are the biggest threat to the rest of their lives. You have to be there when it matters most – whether they are your kids, employees, or students – it’s up to us to ensure the next generation gets a chance at life. We can’t abandon them now when they need us the most.

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