Where would the civil rights movement be today in a world of political correctness?

political correctness

    Political correctness today has taken on a whole new meaning. Now you aren’t supposed to talk about anything that would or could offend someone. Honestly, that doesn’t leave much conversation because just about anything you say, someone will resemble a remark. People get offended over just about anything that is discussed or said. Today, people are more passionate than ever, it’s just usually about things that are insignificant in the grand scheme. Some of the conversations I hear people get into literally want to make me puke or throw myself into traffic because I cannot believe that anyone should be in a position to hear such bullshit.

    I have always enjoyed conversations based in truth and find myself more and more interested in people who will engage in a serious conversation based on their own ideas and not regurgitated non-sense they repeated from their mind control box at home. Everyone I talk to will tell you I’m probably the most brutally honest person out there. I say what I think I don’t give a FUCK if it hurts someone’s feelings. I don’t say mean things, by that, I don’t purposely put someone down I just give them the truth and if it hurts too goddamn bad, sometimes people need to hear the truth.

Movements Weren’t Born Out of Political Correctness

    I want you to understand there would have been no civil rights movement, no women’s liberation movement, no worker’s rights movement if we adhered to the nonsense of political correctness. People should be able to share ideas and have honest debates without taking everything personally. There would be no Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King in a politically correct world. They had the balls to stand up and change the dialogue from what was considered inappropriate and begin the new conversations that changed the human condition for everyone.

    I am a firm believer that the term political correctness is more or less used as a tool to silence people. If people were to discuss and debate ideas and thoughts openly, there would be a greater chance of dissent among the sheep. The reason is most people would find out they are pissed and angry about the same things. We have all heard the saying, the gloves come off in a debate, which usually relates to a nasty debate that involves name calling and picking at one another. Now imagine if we were to debate in a world where the “masks” come off. We start to talk openly and honestly about the issues that affect us all and ways to resolve them.

    I also happen to believe that life, real life, exists between the lines. Meaning sub-cultures. Sub-cultures are the reality that most people who live in them find peace and happiness because it is not politically correct. It’s the place where people get to be who they are with people who in turn are being who they are. Sub-cultures can exist across many different realities. They aren’t limited by what is appropriate for contemporary society; they exist because of what is deemed inappropriate.

    The last point I would like to make is that for some reason everyone thinks their opinion matters, no matter how stupid it is. Let me be honest, if you get your information and ideas from TV, keep your opinion to yourself, everyone has heard it and no one cares. You are essentially presenting the same bullshit, conformist nonsense that has led us to this place. If I want to hear your crap, I’ll listen to contemporary talk radio. I don’t need someone to repeat to me the conformist agenda on a daily basis. I get it, you’re a sheep and can’t make decisions for yourself or you are too scared to say how you really feel for fear of judgment.

    I tell people all the time judge me if you want, we will see who is smiling when it’s all over and who is shocked they believed the lies and now have to look back in regret at how their life was missed because they decided to listen to the propaganda machine and never took the initiative to think for themselves and live how they thought was best.

The Deviant view on Political Correctness

    We should all be willing to say and discuss how it is we really feel and how we individually want to live our lives. I know some things may be harder than others, but if we as a species are to continue to evolve in an enlightened manner, we have to be willing to be honest, not conform. Conformity does not lend itself to the improvement of the human condition, honesty does. This is the heart of being Deviant. Be yourself, not what others want you to be and you will not only improve your life but also all of those around you will know they are not alone in how they think and have nothing to fear.

By King Deviant
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