Man’s oldest struggle, our personal fight with duality


    Humans oldest tale isn’t man Vs sea, it is our struggle with duality. We find ourselves in a constant war trying to control our destiny and submit to the things that are out of our control. A farmer wants to harness the power of the land and nature to produce food all the while submitting to the whims of Mother Nature. What I am describing is the concept of dominance and submission. Some say yin and yang, some say good and evil. Whatever terms you choose, it is the fight within us all that is the core of our being. Every day humans find themselves in the conundrum of duality. Maybe you’re the boss at work, but your spouse is the boss at home. Maybe you have a business or a job that is heavily impacted by the weather. To some degree we all have a yearning desire to control and be controlled.

    Humans, for all our faults, want in some capacity to be true to ourselves and be accepted for it. Today that particular notion is one of the most complex problems we have in a society based on taking from one another and conformity to either fit in or succeed. Whatever your definition of success is the concept of duality heavily factors in. If anyone cares, my definition of success is how true I am to myself and those around me and did I achieve happiness by doing so. In another words, I do not base my happiness on money, rather how real was I to me.

    When I was younger I definitely believed the lie, if you want to succeed in life, meaning making money, that you have to get along, or some might say fit in. I always found myself at odds with that saying. I thought, well, I’m making money but this fucking sucks. I remember thinking to myself when I was younger, I wouldn’t give a squirt of piss to these people to save their life from dehydration and now I have to be nice and kiss their ass.

    I remember how stressed I was all the time because I always felt like I was living a lie. I used to say all the time to those who knew me, this shit ain’t for me. It wasn’t until I was older that I discovered and became extremely aware of this notion of duality.

    Let me briefly explain the notion of dominance and submission. I know what you are thinking, this is going to be a lecture on whips and chains and it’s not, but if anyone wants me to explain all that I certainly can. What I’m talking about is life, we all have a core and for the most part people do not stray from it much. We tend to either like being in charge or we like being told what to do. We find ourselves at a time in history where this “core” function of ourselves is constantly being yanked around by forces that typically are way out of our control because of how we define relationships and success is changing dramatically in a world where judgment by the ingrates is creating an unsustainable way of life.

    Some people can be extremely dominant and extremely submissive depending on what it is they are doing. Some are submissive all the time and some are dominant all the time. However, most are just existing in the conformity between to fit in or get ahead. The key to happiness and to misery aren’t that different, if you are around people and living according to who you are with people that are the opposite, see that’s why opposites attract, your life will be amazing. If you are around people who for whatever reason are taking advantage or using your particular self against you, or being forced into a situation where for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable because it goes against your core you will eventually be miserable. A good example is someone who takes a management role that does not like leading but wants to make more money.

    The reason I became deviant in the first place was because I wanted to live according to who I am and I personally don’t give a shit who doesn’t like it. I seek out people who “get” what it is I am talking about and can at the very least have a conversation that isn’t lame and based in conformist bullshit. I have often said if someone wants change and wants to be true to themselves I can help with that, if you want to make more money so you can buy more shit to fill the hole in your soul that was created by abandoning yourself, well, stay on your knees sucking the conformist cock for whatever scraps those ingrates decide you are worth and good luck.

The deviant view on conformity and duality

    For anyone reading this, if you want change it’s easy. Be true to yourself, figure out what it is you are at the core level and seek it out. Don’t pretend to be something to fit in or get ahead. Be you and to hell with conformity. Honesty will save humans and allow us to evolve into something beautiful, conformity will drag us all down and ruin the overall human condition and what little is left of the human spirit.

    Someone once asked me what the most important key to a good relationship is and my answer was simple. Honesty, be honest with yourself and what you are and what you want, then you can find someone who is the best fit for you. That same thing is true to solving issues and evolving humanity, let’s be honest, discard political correctness, conformity and useless outdated ideas that were developed to control and immensely creative and ingenuity species.

By King Deviant
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