If you want change storming the castle is a mistake

storming the castle

I honestly cannot figure out why in the hell anyone listens to the voice of change today. Some of these so called leaders are a hundred times worse than the disease. Just listening to these ingrates makes me sick. I mentioned before a quote by Alexander the Great, I fear an army of sheep lead by a lion. These leaders today aren’t lions, they are ingrates. I have yet to hear anyone step up today and offer any type of unification that would actually produce any tangible results.

All I hear is blaming one another or worse yet diversionist ideas such as we are all going to die, prepare now for the second coming. What in the hell is going on? I have often said if you give a fool an audience you will probably laugh, if you give a fool a platform to speak and be heard you will be sorry. If anyone wants change you have to serve the right Master. Throughout history a few have come along that were truly worthy and could and did provide a better human condition for everyone.

Anyone that says storming the castle is a way to enact change, I would invite them to go first. Hey sheep, I have a news flash, castles are built to be stormed and withstand what you got. Does anyone understand the story of the Trojan Horse? Does anyone understand why they used the Trojan Horse? Because storming the castle doesn’t work? If someone says that you should storm the castle, ask them to walk through the murder holes first.

There are theoretically two ways to get the job done. One, is you surround the castle and starve whomever is in it. This was a tactic used by Russia in WWII. If people cannot get supplies they need, eventually you win. The second is the Trojan Horse, you get inside and burn it down from the inside out. You don’t go running full speed ahead into a stone wall, hoping that it will magically let you in.

If you truly want change, you have to be willing to put forth not just effort, but effort that will lead to results. I wrote a while back that doing the same thing over and over again is not insanity, its stupidity. Same thing goes for those of you that choose to listen to the same ingrates over and over and all the while they produce nothing tangible. All these so call leaders have nothing but bullshit rhetoric, to rally the sheep against whatever nonsense they can conjure up.

When I was in child support and custody, being who I am, I was always fighting with the powers that be. Anyone that has been in one of those situations knows what I am talking about, there is more bullshit lies by the establishment there than anywhere. One day I woke up and decided to start using their own words, ideas and math against them. Trust me it didn’t work, but I got satisfaction knowing I did it and believe it or not, a few years later they actually changed the law to reflect what I was saying in my argument. I would like to think that once someone figured out their game, the gig was up.

The same is true for everything, if you want change, then you have to change how you think and act. Stop listening to fools who aren’t going to get you anywhere, if you are going to follow, follow a lion for fuck’s sake. When I was growing up there was a game, follow the leader. It wasn’t called follow the dumbest idiot you could find because you were too stupid to figure out who the good leader was.

The Deviant View on change and storming the castle

It’s time to wake the hell up and pay attention. All of the solutions that have been provided for humanity in the last 2000 years, especially the last 50 years or so, have been provided and disguised as a way to control, manipulate and steal from the overall human condition. If you do not see that, you are blind and deserve everything you get.

If you want to be better, learn that you must go deviant. Storming the castle is pointless. Get off the path of conformity, shut up and stop acting like your opinion means something, choose a master that will at the very least provide some sort of direction that will improve your life.

By King Deviant
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