Deviants despise bumper stickers

bumper stickers

    I literally cannot stand being forced to read bumper stickers for two primary reasons. The first reason is i don’t know why everyone has to put stupid shit out in the open that no one cares about. I don’t FUCKING care if your shit head little brat is on the honor roll. Give them a goddam cookie and don’t clutter my mind with your garbage. I don’t care where you went on a vacation that you couldn’t afford. Just because you went to a beach somewhere with 10 million other people doesn’t put you in an exclusive club. If it did, you wouldn’t put it all over your car. I don’t care if your daughter is a cheerleader, who would? I don’t care what fool you choose to support in an election. When I was growing up, who you vote for was considered private, now every goddam idiot thinks you want to know their opinion. Let me be clear, I DO NOT WANT YOUR POLITICAL OPIONION. Keep it to yourself and go back to whatever unenlightened hole you came out of. When I was growing up you didn’t offer an opinion unless someone asked, now people have to give it to everyone, like they invented it. YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MEAN JACK SHIT.

    The second thing I cannot stand is if you are going to put gibberish all over your car for every unsuspecting person who is forced to read your crap. Why don’t you tell me something I want to know. Something like my wife is a hot slut and I like to share. I’d be interested to know that. Maybe you can put something on your car that states, ‘I cannot afford this car but want you to think I can’. Maybe you can put a sticker on your car that states clearly, ‘I live vicariously through my kids because I was pathetic loser as a child’. If you are going to waste my time, at least fill it with something that has meaning and truth behind it.

    I would love to know why certain people think everyone in the world wants to know about their pathetic life. I don’t, and I don’t think most people do. You are wasting everyone’s life by broadcasting the dumbest, most insignificant, boring, mundane aspects of your life. Why do you think I give a shit about what type of dog you have or if it is currently on board? Here is one I despise, you have a baby on board, do you honestly think that makes me drive safer, by watching you drive having a baby on board sticker doesn’t seem to make you drive safer either so keep it to yourself.

    Honestly I just don’t know why people feel the need to share everything with anyone, especially people that don’t fucking care. Stop forcing me to waste valuable time of my life reading bumper stickers about your waste of a life. The one reason I don’t have social media is because I do not want to read about anyone’s lame existence. I find it to be boring and quite honestly lame. I have a life of my own that requires a lot of my personal thought and the last thing I want to find myself doing is counseling someone on why their kid doesn’t play on the sports team. Oh I don’t know, your kid probably sucks.

The Deviant View on Bumper Stickers

    Bumper stickers suck and so do the people who put them all over their car. It is a sad pathetic existence of a person that feels the need to broadcast their lame life to everyone else. Seriously, when I was growing up you kept your opinions to yourself and kept family matters private. The reason was it wasn’t anybody’s business and they wouldn’t care anyway. Because they in turn had their own issues that required dealing with and sure as hell didn’t want to know yours.

    When I see this shit all over someone’s car, all it says to me is, look at me I’m insecure and shallow and require validation from everyone around me including people I don’t know so I can feel better about myself. I already know some people reading this will resemble what I am saying and to you, I DON’T CARE IF YOU RESEMBLE WHAT I AM SAYING. Just because the truth hurts doesn’t make it any less the truth. To those of you reading this who agree, good for you. You are probably the few enlightened people left who actually understand basic decency and have some common sense.

By King Deviant
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