Celebrating the 4th in remembrance of what it used to mean to be free

the 4th of july

    The 4th of July used to be a celebration and remembrance of the day of our freedom and independence from tyranny. The 4th of July was a day for all Americans to remember the great nation our founders fought so diligently for, gave their lives for them, created the greatest society history has ever known.

    The 4th of July is the day they bestowed upon us to reflect on what it takes to be truly free. That is, it isn’t free. It takes hard work, perseverance and the blood of citizens to protect their god given rights from anyone that wants to take it from them. The list of those who wish to take the freedoms of others is long and never ending. Today, more than ever it would appear the biggest threat to freedom isn’t from the outside of our country, rather it’s on the inside. No, I’m not talking about terrorist, I’m talking about all these idiot people that for some reason think they have the right to decide for everyone else what is good for them.

    The debate on the Second Amendment, homosexuality and abortion are just a few good examples. First, more people die and get seriously injured every year in car accidents then get killed by guns. However, these charlatans aren’t demanding we take cars away from people. Why is that? If you are so concerned about the health and safety of us all why aren’t you petitioning and demanding we remove cars from society because they are a clearly dangerous implement of death?

    I’m tired of saying the same things, however, like it or not homosexuality has been around since we rose up out of the dirt to walk upright. Leave it alone and go back to your hole and shut the fuck up. Your opinion doesn’t matter, keep it to yourself. If you don’t like it, no one fucking cares, you are an unenlightened piece of shit, who is lame and boring. Enough said.

    The abortion is, our Supreme Court has already decided that a woman has a right to decide what to do with her body because we live in a FREE country. Again, if you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and keep your unintelligent opinion to yourself. We have laws in this country to protect freedoms and anyone that tries to change those laws to fit in their little self induced illusionary world is a threat to the freedoms of this country and should be treated as such.

    In America, everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anyone who feels they have a right to impede on those liberties granted to us by our founders is in my opinion a traitor to the Republic. We should all stand up for the rights of everyone and not try and impose whatever ingrate delusions we may be under on everyone else. That is not how it works in a Republic like ours.

    Those of us who understand what our Republic is should always push back against those who want to impose on the freedoms of others. It does not matter if someone has a different belief system than you or chooses to live in a way that you might not want for yourself. GET OVER IT SHEEP! The United States of America has room for everyone to practice and follow a belief system they feel best for them so long as it DOES NOT impede on someone’s right to happiness. PAY ATTENTION INGRATES, this is not your country. This country belongs to the citizens, all citizens. NOT YOU and whatever fucked you ideology you follow because for whatever reason you need to hide behind a veil of illusion to hide what you really are.

The Deviant View on the 4th of July

    I hope anyone reading this takes a huge step back and thinks about what a Republic is and how you were entrusted to protect it for all the generations to come. It might not be easy to see that everyone has rights even those who may not be like you or choose to live the way you would. However, remember that someday a descendant of yours may find themselves a slave in a world inadvertently created by your shortsightedness. Remember that as you push whatever unenlightened agenda that makes you feel good about yourself today may lead to a world of tyranny and oppression for the future generations.

    The most valuable thing you can pass down to your children and grandchildren is freedom, not a world of rules and restrictions that are subject to change based on whatever ingrate cries the loudest. Freedom is what we all need to protect, not agendas to make ourselves feel like we are important.

    Consider this on the 4th of July, your obligation to this Republic is to stand up for the rights, beliefs and lifestyles of all the citizens of this country, not push your lame ideology and lifestyle on people who do not want it.

By King Deviant
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