It takes a village of idiots to ruin a child (Teaching Your Child)

teaching your child

    I honestly don’t know what good parenting is, I’m not sure anyone does. Times change, people change, society changes and as parents we have to adapt and change with it. The rules of parenting a child 100 yrs ago is certainly not applicable today and how we parent today will not be applicable a hundred years from now. However, there are a few things as parents that never change and how we as parents have forgot that, I will never know.

    I think the obvious place to start, is teaching your child the word “NO”. We have somehow raised our children that they can do whatever they want and NO isn’t an option. I just read an article where a young lady was not selected to a cheerleading squad, and now the parents want to sue the school district. I think to myself, what silly fools for parents this child has. Look, not everyone is cut out to do everything. If you kid isn’t good enough for a team, either work harder and try again or MOVE ON AND TRY SOMETHING ELSE FOR CHRIST SAKE. Why anyone feels like everyone should either suffer or be held back for their kid I have no idea. I honestly feel bad for this child that she has parents that are ingrates. Instead of suing as parents we should say, well, maybe you need to work harder, or maybe, too fucking bad, life isn’t fair, find something else to do. Sometimes hearing the word ‘No’ can be inspiring, it can awaken something in you that you didn’t know you even had, it can propel you to achieve greater success or honestly it could force you on a different path to your real meaning in life. Suing is taking the easy way out and not teaching your child anything. Mommys and Daddys aren’t here to sue people when their kid sucks at a sport so little ingrates can do it the easy way. Mommys and Daddys are here to teach little ingrates about life and not how to be a petty, cry baby, sore loser jerk-off.

    Life is about hard work, there are few things that piss me off more than when I see kids standing around with their hand out asking for money for some stupid activity. If you want money, go fucking earn it. Life is not free and hand outs are for ingrates. If you are a parent and you are teaching your child to stand around all day in front of a store with their hand out to take money from HARD WORKING people, as a parent, you are a piece of shit. You are not teaching your child anything about what it takes to be a productive, hard working, contributing member of our society. I tell my kids, you remember that bum on the sidewalk that begs for money, well that kid in front of the grocery store is exactly the same and YOU NEVER WANT TO BE THAT person. I teach my kids if you want something in this life you need to work hard and earn it.

    Finally, I want to bring up the issue of raising children to believe they can be or do anything they want in this life. The problem with that is children literally grow up thinking they can do whatever they want and there are no consequences. Let me be clear, if you raise your child like that, eventually they will run into someone who is either stronger, smarter or a bigger piece of shit that also feels that way and your child will inevitably become a victim. In this life, as a parent, teach your kids that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That way they learn there are consequences for actions and whether or not they are at fault is irrelevant. Once the damage is done it’s done, you cannot go back and fix it. It’s better to be responsible, make good decisions and not be put in a bad or dangerous situation to begin with. I lecture my kids non-stop with the same speech, DO NOT BE STUPID end of story.

The Deviant View on a Village of Idiots (Teaching your child)

    As parents, it is not our job to control our children and control everyone and everything around them. If you believe in control you are an ingrate, delusional and should be forced medicated. It’s our job to teach and guide our children in life so they can have a productive, happy, joyous life. It’s your job to ensure you are teaching your child that life isn’t always fair but that doesn’t mean you sue, it means you try FUCKING harder and if it isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be. It’s our job to teach our children that life is not free and you do not take from anyone else. If you want something, go get a FUCKING job and earn it like all good citizens should do.

    Parents it’s time for us to own up to our responsibilities and do right by our kids and not always take the easiest route for us or them. Teach and guide your child so they can have a happy life and not always try and control everything that happens. Life has ups and downs, wins and losses, it’s the way it is now, it’s the way it has been and it’s the way it will be forever. Children have to learn this lesson if they are to be successful in this thing we call life.

By King Deviant
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