If a parking space can earn $15.00 an hour, shouldn’t living wage be a little more?

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    The other day I was sitting outside of work trying to take in a little sun and to get out of my cube. I was just looking around at all the sheeple going to work and I was contemplating the living wage debate trying to consider what a good argument would be when I noticed the hourly rate to park at the garage where I work. Honestly, I don’t know that I ever really noticed, probably because it is inconsequential to me. So, I’m sitting there and decided to do the math on what it cost to park for an hour at the place I work, which by the way, is in a city.

    Turns out that to park for one hour in the building I work in is 15 dollars an hour. That’s 15 an hour for essentially nothing. A parking space doesn’t require much. It doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink. A parking space doesn’t have a mortgage or kids to feed. It doesn’t have any bills that I can think of. The most important thing, it doesn’t produce anything. It’s just an empty space in a bunch of empty spaces that provide no real tangible benefits to mankind at all. Throughout its entire existence it will never require anything to sustain itself. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that.

    There is a lot of talk in the news with a movement to get people to what some refer to as a living wage. No one can seem to come up with a number that for whatever reason correlates to a living wage. We have economic bully fear mongers who clearly suck the corporation cock and make the numbers for a living wage seem like the sky will fall and start the dawn of a new dark age.
I have often wondered to myself that same question. What is a fair living wage? I don’t believe anything an economist says because for the most part they are academics who have no real concept of the real world. They sit around all day and make up numbers to justify their jobs and salaries and most of their gibberish doesn’t correlate to anything that is actually based in reality. I personally don’t know what a fair living wage is, what I do know is this, if an empty space that provides nothing and requires nothing is worth 15 dollars an hour and person who needs food shelter and water to live has got to be worth more than that.

    There is so much discussion of the top 1% and what they make. Maybe we are looking at it the wrong way. Maybe we should be discussing how much a parking space makes per hour to put this discussion in proper perspective. If you truly want to debate what a person on the entry level should earn, we should start with what an inanimate space earns per hour then we can figure out what a person should earn per hour that breathes, eats, and drinks.

    It’s awfully difficult to put into perspective what a person like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Tesla should be worth. These people are trailblazers and visionaries that had the foresight and determination to change the world. It’s virtually impossible to compare that person to an entry level drone worker. So, we have to start somewhere that is reasonable. If we say a parking space is worth 15 dollars in “wages” then we have to assume that an actual person is worth more than that.

    In my building I’m pretty sure there are people performing a job function or duty that are earning less than a parking space and let’s be honest that is seriously fucked up. There is no way that should ever happen in the modern world, where we value a parking space more than a human.

    We can sit around and discuss the economics of whatever gibberish some douche bag can come up with and if I’m being honest I think most of it is absolute nonsense. I hear McDonalds talking about automation and I say go for it; don’t make threats. If you don’t have any employees earning money who in the hell is going to buy your poison? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Way back when Henry Ford figured out that if the people couldn’t afford to buy his car they wouldn’t, so he gave them a pay raise to ensure he could sell his product. Maybe the jackass’s at McDonalds are betting the future on the debt based economy we have today, if they are, well in a few years I can assure you they won’t be around to peddle their garbage.

The Deviant view on living wage

    I don’t know much but what I do know is change is here. Maybe the ingrates in control don’t like that change is here, but guess what that’s to fucking bad. The fat cats who run these companies have been getting away with indentured servitude for the last 40 years or so and now it’s coming to an end. Instead of being big boys and girls and leading the way into a new era they desperately want to hang on to ideas that are over.

    I get it, the more you screw the little guy the more you get and it worked for a long time. Now the little guy is pissed and there is a hell of a lot more of the little guys than the big guys. Not to mention if no one is working, how do you maintain a country? We already know what happens, just look at Greece and Cyprus. The country eventually goes under.

By King Deviant
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