When will we stop following the path of most ignorant?

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I have to be honest, today, it is virtually impossible to have a conversation with anyone without it being based solely in an ignorant discussion from their perspective. Pick a topic and try and have a debate today. Almost always the other person will ultimately use the exact same rhetoric and reasoning they heard on the news or some leftist, Christian far left media site somewhere.

I am not the type of person you want to spew this ignorance to. GoDeviant if anything, should prove to anyone reading this that I will not listen to the ingrate propaganda. I hear people talk about change, however, they cannot change because they cannot have a internal or “personal” revolution. How can you or anyone change when they refuse to change how they look and feel about something? I have heard that personalities are set by a certain age and to some degree that’s true. However, our perception can change. Let’s be honest perception is our reality to a certain extent.

If you don’t believe we are following the path of most ignorant. Just follow or watch either the political landscape in just about any country or the big business lies in just about any country. Trust me you don’t have to look very hard to be like “OH FUCK” we are screwed. Pretend you are in some poor country sleeping in a thatched hut in your own shit. By some strange coincidence you have a TV and as you are laying there hungry because you haven’t eaten in 4 days. You happen to catch the political debate between the two candidates we have running for President of the US. What is the first thought that would enter your mind? Probably thank god I’m starving sleeping in my own shit and not in that ignorant country, those people are fucked.

This stuff would be hysterical if it wasn’t actually true. We have a government that cannot get anything right. People continue for some bizarre reason to give them more power over their lives and allow them to take more and more of their money to waste on just about anything these ignorant jerkoffs can conjure up. We have a guy running for President that whenever you ask him a question about policy he usually responds with, “Don’t worry it will be great, it will be great”. This guy sounds like a 17 year old boy trying to get in a 15 year old girls pants. I don’t know about anyone reading this but it takes a lot more for me to drop my pants than it will be great speech.

It’s amazing taxpayers bailout big banks, the banks take the money give themselves raises and then fuck in the ass the same people that bailed them out and people happily take it like it’s a good thing. YOU ARE PAYING INTEREST ON MONEY THAT IS YOURS, THEY SHOULD BE PAYING YOU INTEREST NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Taxpayers pay for the research and development of most of the lucrative life saving drugs available today through federally funded grants and then are forced to pay some outrageous price for a drug they already paid for and for some reason once again they are sitting idly by while their children are suffering for a drug..THEY ALREADY PAID FOR.

The point I’m trying to make here is when are the herds- I mean masses- going to wake up and see the ignorance and nonsense for what it is and demand that change be made. How much longer are we going to listen to what is good and bad for us. What I have found is that what is good for everyone else is bad for me. But somehow they try and convince me its good. Well, whoever they are will have to try a lot harder because I am one devious little prick that ain’t buying the bullshit they are selling.

I am in the process of finishing off another essay, the theory behind it is there are no great leaders anymore because there are no good followers. For some reason all the kings sheep think their opinions matter, and they don’t. The only opinion and direction setting that matters is the intellectually superior one. Everyone else needs to get in line and make it happen.

Solving the problems and issues in society today are actually easy, the problem is dealing with the stupid, ignorant in the way sheeple that for some reason have yet to have a personal moment of clarity to see they are indeed the problem. Once the ignorant herds decide they need to follow the voice of enlightenment to get to the other side of this crazy out of control thing we call life I can assure you much will change. I get that its not easy to let go of all the conformist, conditioning you have allowed yourself to be brain washed with, but guess what just because the truth hurts it doesn’t make it any less the truth.


You may be asking, King Deviant do you have all the answers at the moment? My answer is no, because I don’t know all the questions. If you want to know how to solve world hunger that’s an easy one. Do you want to know how to bring back jobs and get young people off drugs, easy one. If you want to know how the Egyptians built the pyramids again its an easy one.

The problem I can’t solve is all the ignorant sheep in the way of truly solving problems because they thing their stupid fucking worthless opinion matters. It doesn’t even matter in their own pathetic life what makes them think it would matter in anyone else’s is beyond my comprehension.

I’ll leave you with this, if we are truly to get out of the mess alive, there is only one thing that will get us out, get off the path of ignorance and back on the path of enlightenment. For you ignorant sheeple out there that that don’t know what actual enlightenment is, it is the path of honesty and truth and for most that is what they truly fear.

By King Deviant
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