Wars Were Fought, Now We Are Giving Away the Middle Class

giving away the middle class

I cannot believe that people today have completely forgotten the most recent past. Does anyone out there know how the middle class came to be? Imagine a time where people for the most part were able to put differences aside and stand up together against a common foe, not be distracted by big titty selfies, and enact change that benefited the many not the few. For those of you that have forgotten let me remind you there is nothing more important than freedom, not just democracy also personal freedom.

The only reason the middle class exists today is because our grandparents and great grandparents fought wars in the steel mills, coal mines, textile industry, trucking industry and just about every other “middle class “ occupation out there at the time. Their courage and determination in the face of an incredibly stacked deck against them is what created this thing we call the middle class. The middle class wasn’t destroyed by anyone, we are giving away the middle class through ignorance, distractions and most of all personal greed.

They sacrificed their lives in so many ways that most of us have either completely forgotten about their sacrifices or are so self centered in our delusion that no one seems to care anymore. The only reason so many people have and continue to enjoy the great debt-filled fake middle class life we have is because of those who came before us that actually got off their ass stood together and fought for what they believed in.

The previous generations weren’t so quick or naive to believe all the propaganda horse shit that is spewed by so many today. They actually understood that in order to truly have it better for the next generation it was their responsibility to stand up and take action. People stood side by side and fought against the tyrannical notion of greed. They surely didn’t want to be wealthy, just the ability to live and be compensated fairly for the work they work doing. Most had no desire to keep up with the Jones’s rather they wanted to keep up with costs of living.

What our previous generations did in the face of insurmountable odds, was nothing short of heroic. You have to remember, back then, some of the mega-corporations of the day had private armies used for intimidation and some cases murder. Our grandparents and great-grandparents stood shoulder to shoulder to fight the injustice and at times giving their lives so there could be a better day for everyone else. This is not a lesson we should so easily forget or dismiss because we are so distracted in our daily lives in a quest to accumulate more shit than our neighbor that we are giving away the middle class life.

If we choose to have a discussion today about sticking together to make it better for everyone, well that of course falls on deaf ears. I think it has to do with people today being complacent, ignorant, self consumed, delusional or not willing to deal with real issues all the while passing on the problems for someone else to deal with. I read an article somewhere that stated for the first time in a very long time, the generation now doesn’t think the next generation will have it better. What’s interesting about it, is the generation now has the ability to change that but instead are giving away the middle class. I have to wonder why that is? We know there is an issue, we know how serious it is, as it actually affects our children and the very future of our great nation and yet….nothing.

Surely our ancestors who fought so hard to make life better would be mortified to see what we have turned into. Doesn’t our inability to take action cheapen what they did and what they fought for? People don’t have to fight in a physical sense like they did. We can just speak up and stand up for ourselves. We don’t have to fight private armies that had reined terror on the working people anymore, just stand up for ourselves. In a society consumed with the notion of debt is good and more shit is better than less shit, I don’t believe we have it in us anymore.

The Deviant View on giving away the middle class

If the next generation is to truly have it better than us, there are two questions we need to contemplate as a society. The first question is what is better? Obviously, bigger houses, more debt and longer working hours are not what’s best. The second question, what in the hell are we going to do about it? I don’t think sitting idly by in complacency and giving away the middle class is the answer. We surely don’t want any more wars or fighting among ourselves.

We should all take a moment to reflect on what was fought so hard for us and decide if we in turn want to fight for the next generation, or, do we want to turn a blind eye and let the memory of our ancestors fade into the darkness so we can continue to not to do anything.

By King Deviant
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