The conscious mind is our greatest gift and our greatest weakness

conscious mind

    I have often found myself wondering about many different ideas and theories. Contemplating things I have learned, mistakes I made and how all of that has shaped my perception of experiences. I honestly believe that trying to decipher a life based on the perceptions of others in the realm of good and bad is an insurmountable task and incredibly foolish. I have always came to the same thought while in consideration, I am thinking in terms of what I have allowed to be entered into my mind or am I looking at this from another new perspective. I almost always come to the same conclusion, that is, I do not know.

    I have figured out that we draw conclusions based on experience. We can all certainly agree on that. Here is where it takes a turn to the deep thought. When we draw conclusions based on experience, what exactly is the conclusion based on? Were you looking at the real cause and effect, was the resulting experience bad because of the act or because of a bad decision. They aren’t the same thing. When we consciously decide an experience was bad because of an arbitrary act, instead of accounting for all the variables in making bad choices we may inadvertently limit ourselves in happiness for the rest of our lives.

    A great example of this is marriage. I hear so m any people that have been married and divorced say they will never get married again. They are equating their bad experience to the act of marriage. Marriage doesn’t make people miserable, people do. Instead of looking at it, saying I made a bad choice in who I married, its usually the act itself that gets the brunt of blame. Having that opinion can have a severe and long term effect on happiness. Lets be honest, you may turn away someone who is great for you, or worse, repeat bad relationship after bad relationship because the real fault was misplaced or misguided.

    The conscious mind is extremely susceptible to what it for lack of a better term “learns”. What most do not understand is the conscious mind is also directly responsible for our learned limitations. If “fear” was never explained to you would you be afraid? Consider this, our conscious mind only comprehends what is known, not necessarily the unknown. There are many examples of this throughout history; the Earth being flat is one of them. Until man was willing to challenge what was known at the time and widely accepted, we lived in a completely flat world.

    Imagine if a bumble bee could understand the experts who claim because of their calculations that it shouldn’t fly, after enough of being told you cannot do something you actually wont. It wouldn’t take long before the experts actually remove the ability of that vital creature to fly. Then it would have a major impact on the environment and the universe as a whole. The very same experts would then not understand why flowers aren’t growing and food supply diminishes. Because of their expert opinion that’s why.

    The very notion of time is a creation of our minds, we as humans cannot fathom our place in a universe that is not limited by our definition of time. We created it as a point of reference so our minds can compute the static nature of where we are at any given moment. We cannot comprehend the real relation of time and that is not necessarily restricted by movements on a clock.

    I believe to some degree we must be careful about what it is we allow our minds to be poisoned with. Once something is in our minds its virtually impossible for us to let it go and see another way. To some degree it doesn’t even seem to matter how ridiculous the idea is or how many ways it can be proven wrong. I have met plenty of people over the years who will claim to be open minded, until their open mindedness is challenged. They will almost always revert back to whatever it is they can hang on to justify their feelings on an issue.

The Deviant View on conscious mind

    This is just scratching the service of a conversation that is much broader and deeper. I was merely trying to strip it down a bit and maybe I’ll get into later on a deeper more enlightened level. If you are reading this, just take a minute to consider how you think or feel on a subject and ask yourself why it is you feel that way. You will probably be surprised to learn where that thought or feeling came from.

    I am not saying how you think is right or wrong, I am merely posing a philosophical question. If you feel comfortable about the thoughts or feelings you have that’s great, if not, consider changing.

King Deviant
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