Society has reached the loss of communication in the Tower of Babylon

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    Communication is vital to the continuity of society. Let me start this blog by stating clearly that I am not a religious person. However, I do believe there are insightful stories in the good book. The story of the Tower of Babylon and the loss of communication is one of the great lessons we should all head.

    Society today isn’t having the same issue as in the use of language for communication. We can all speak relatively the same language and can understand each other from a literal perspective. This is not a dissertation on the Tower of Babylon in the realm of Theology. Rather I’ll attempt a correlation to illustrate what happens when we lose or forget how to understand one another and our place in the universe. The critical nature of understanding to me is the underlying story of the Tower and we can draw the correlations today.

    Just a little background, the biblical story states the people built a massive tower to reach the heavens. God decided to have them speak multiple languages to enact a communication breakdown. Thus, the people essentially scattered to different places because they could no longer understand one another. Which was catastrophic in the realm of development and not being able to work together anymore.

    Today contemporary society has once again found itself in the Tower. We find ourselves in a situation where we have large numbers of people in a confined area who for lack of a better term do not understand one another. As we outgrow old and ancient ideas of conformity that have imprisoned humanity we are now having issues with understanding all the different point of view.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. We just all have to take a step back and realize we are not living in a time of one or two singular conformist ideas. Historically, the religious movement has dominated and dictated the rules of civilized society. People would follow those rules and for the most part adhered to those values that society should follow.

    I believe the contemporary Tower of Babylon without a doubt is the internet. As the world becomes smaller and there a more and more different ideas, lifestyles and opinions, they start clashing harder and faster together. When that happens we are losing the ability to understand each other.

    The sharing of ideas is critical to the human development; however two things start to happen. One as humans we try and force our opinions and ideas on others or two we become confused as to our own purpose as our minds are opened to new possibilities.

    The third option is to understand that not everyone will share in our own opinions and we aren’t here to force those opinions either. Sometimes it’s ok to agree to disagree and leave it at that. Everyone has a right to live the way they want and do what’s best for them. Forcing people into a debate of good and bad for the sake of proving a point is ridiculous. Humanity and the evolution of ideas haven’t always gone hand and hand.

    I am a firm believer that we should share ideas, however, it’s also important to not let differences get in the way. We also have to realize that when we congregate in public areas there needs to be a respect for all ideas and all beliefs. That’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially when we can’t figure out what the right belief is.

    How we get around that, probably just use basic common sense. I get that’s not easy, because someone always feels like they are being forced to live in secret I guess you can say. Consider we do need some form of continuity for everyone’s sake and enforcing a policy of chaos isn’t the answer.

The Deviant view on communication

    We have to, as a species, be willing to put understanding back into our daily lives. The next time you find yourself in a debate of good and bad, try to impart a little understanding. You may not agree with how someone chooses to live, but it’s also not your decision. You can decide to appreciate all the different ideas and opinions and who knows you may even learn something about yourself in the process.

    Societies are waking up and realizing we have evolved past the last 2000 years of oppression. These are exciting times and dangerous times for us all. Letting go of the old and ushering in the new won’t be easy and from what I have seen won’t happen without a fight. Just remember a little understanding goes a long way. Remember you may at some point find yourself on the opposing view.

    The lesson of the Tower is a valuable one to remember. Communication and understanding are vital to our existence and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. One thing history has taught us is that when humanity works together we can accomplish amazing things, divided we fall into disarray and self-destruction?

By King Deviant
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