The great Healthcare fix is simple and easy


    Healthcare today is certainly one of the greatest concerns of most Americans. The topic is probably one of the most debated and heated discussions out there. The rising cost of Healthcare today is staggering, with no end in sight. Obamacare for all it’s hype as been one of our legislatures biggest failures. Following in at close second is one of the biggest lies ever told to the American taxpayer.

    Since I happen to enjoy solving problems, I have been considering for quite some time how to solve the problem of Healthcare. We can certainly debate how sick people are and we need more preventative measures. Given how we live today, I’m not 100% sure that is a relevant discussion anymore. We can talk about the need for healthier diets and lifestyles, again doesn’t solve the problem.

    Taxing people into buying something they don’t want or need in my opinion is about the worst thing to do. Secondly, making people buy something they can’t even use because by the time the premiums are met there is no money left over. I personally spend about $6,000 a year on premiums and I get absolutely nothing for it.

    So, onto why healthcare in my opinion is so expensive. First all of the grant money that goes into the development and research of healthcare in general is paid for by the taxpayer. Secondly, the premiums paid for are just a different form of entitlements. Third, after paying the entitlement premiums you are then forced to pay for the actual service because the premiums don’t cover anything. Lastly, the actual entitlements that are in healthcare such as Medicaid and Welfare are also on the backs of taxpayers.

    You can see now where the taxpayer is getting literally crushed under the weight of a system that simply cannot support itself. The taxpayer cannot pay for the same service 5 times. At some point there will be a catastrophic failure in the system.

    So how do we solve this problem? The answer is simple – a universal Healthcare system that is funded through the taxpayer as an investor. Now I know people don’t like to hear that, some call it socialized medicine. We know in some countries a universal system works and has great outcomes. We simply cannot have a system where a few people pay into it and get very little and a lot of people pay nothing and get a lot.

    The obvious question is how would that work? The answer is simple if you are willing to accept a few things. First and foremost, anything that is developed on taxpayer money, whether it is a drug or some type of technology or device belongs to the taxpayer. The taxpayer is an investor and entitled like any investor to get their money back. There should also be a premium paid to us. That alone could generate trillions of dollars a year given how much the taxpayer pays for.

    There will be a fund setup that all of the money collected through the investment of our money that alone could cover the cost of healthcare in the US. Also, that would provide a way for countries overseas that use our technology to reimburse the American taxpayer for our generosity in developing these life saving drugs and devices.

    Secondly, everyone would get a certain amount of visits per year, with the exception of chronic conditions and disease. So, for those who tend to abuse the system would be have a little skin in the game I guess you could say.

    Thirdly, any company that is found to have either distributed anything that was found to be dangerous to humans would have their fines paid into the system to cover any costs associated with whatever the poison did.

    Lastly, we would use the fund to also pay for the top 20% of doctor’s education for free. As far as research, a person who develops a drug or device would be entitled to keep the patent and profit a small percentage as would the company who is manufacturing and distributing. However, the majority would have to paid back to the taxpayer for funding it.

    No investor anywhere in the world gives his or her money to a company and not expect it back with interest. The exception of the American taxpayer. This system will enable everyone to reduce their healthcare cost to nothing. It would also lower taxes across the board because we would not be funding the healthcare entitlement programs. That is capitalism working at its best.

The Deviant view on Healthcare

    While I realize this may come off to some as a socialized system, and I can assure you it is not. This is a system entirely based on capitalism and how it should work. Taking money from the taxpayer and the taxpayer getting nothing is socialism. Taking money from the taxpayer and using the investment to generate money for the taxpayer is capitalism.

    Consider this, the taxpayer is providing funding for healthcare development. As such they are entitled to a return on their investment. That return is not to pay for multiple more times.

By King Deviant
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