Are we on the precipice of WWIII or something else


    There is so much being discussed about the possibility of WWIII these days I figured I would chime in with my less than two cents worth. One of my favorite pastimes is putting together puzzles. I personally feel the most important part of being able to piece together a puzzle is the patterns in overall picture. If anyone would like to be taken on a wild ride of patterns and imagination as it relates to WWIII and my thoughts on the issue this post will suit you just fine.

    In looking at the current state of affairs I believe there is a direct correlation between now and WWII. I’ll be crystal clear on this issue.I am only making and drawing hypothetical conclusions based on my own warped perceptions mainly for the readers’ enjoyment. Please don’t take anything I write as truth as I don’t know the truth.

    First and foremost we know that during the period leading up to WWII the country was in a serious financial situation. The country was having a very difficult time getting out of the rut they were in at the time. We also all know at this very moment many countries throughout the world are finding themselves in an eerily similar situation. Specifically the United States. One could easily argue the unemployment rate is either at or above the levels seen during the Great Depression. We can also all agree the War Machine is a unique tool when it comes to getting a country out of serious financial crisis.

    Secondly, a contributing factor in the decision to join the war was the sinking of the Lusitania. I’ll jog your memory and reiterate that Germany took out around 50 ads in newspapers in the United States stating that any ship sailing through certain waters would be sunk. Today, we have a country out there warning that if certain planes are found in areas they have declared off limits that they would in fact be shot down. Sound like an easy way to get pulled into a war?

    Third, we have to question why emergency management groups are stocking huge amounts of supplies. I don’t personally believe there is anything suspicious about staging supplies before something happens. However, I believe it’s the amount of the supplies that are being stocked. We have never had a situation where there was a need for millions of body bags, so why stock that many?

    Lastly, we see massive military drills being conducted on American soil for urban warfare. I know there are conspiracy theories out there about martial law and the shadow government take over. I personally believe that is nonsense. Let’s be honest, the people of the United States are a heavily armed society that has very little tolerance for anything that may impede certain rights. So we can rule out any of those situations.

    The military does not drill for anything that isn’t coming soon. The main reason is efficiency and turn over. We also see the movement of military equipment to strategic areas and also facilities that some may consider internment camps. Again none of this would be tolerated by the people to an abusive extent. So, the question is what do all of these seemingly separate things have in common? Again I don’t believe it has anything to do with the people themselves.

    As a side note, we also know there have been numerous executive orders granting the President wide ranging powers. The execution of the powers would only be tolerated in one situation, war time. Again, the great people of the United States may be dumb at times but certainly aren’t stupid. They would and should come together to do what is necessary in the defense of our great nation.

    When we look at all of these things combined I personally don’t see anything related to martial law or a breakdown in society. I see a country getting ready for a war that will be fought on their soil. I also happen to believe that it is truly inevitable. Why, because humans don’t get along very well and the competition for resources and control is a powder keg getting ready to ignite.

The Deviant View on WWIII

    Will it happen? When will it happen? Should it happen? I guess the answer to all of those questions lie in who you ask. If you ask me if WWIII is going to happen at some point, my answer is yes. I think its inevitable and human nature.

    Let’s be honest humans for the most part can agree on two things, we like fighting and fucking. Fucking after fighting seems to be our national past time. It’s just the truth as I see it. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong and I have let me imagination get the best of me. But hey, I’m a writer and that’s what we do to offer some escape from the mundane.

By King Deviant
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