Does anyone else feel like this election is a Greek Tragedy?

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    This election would be a true comedy if it wasn’t such a sad Greek Tragedy. I have lived through many elections to some degree they are all a big dog in pony show. The political arena has always been a carefully orchestrated dance to produce a desired outcome. A constant media frenzy of who will be the best candidate to rule the masses. This election cycle has seemed to take a bizarre turn.

    What concerns me is it has literally turned into a reality show. The responsibility to choose the next President for the greatest country in the world is not for our amusement. The fate of our country should not be fodder for the unenlightened masses. This is serious business and if the outcome comes back to bite us, we are to blame for buying into the drama and shenanigans.

    I take most of what I see in the media with a grain of salt. There is always a narrative being expressed. The population has an insatiable appetite for drama and the media feeds it to obesity. In the past most of what’s reported has little to no consequence. Most of what has been reported in the past is just nonsense with no real consequence other than to create drama.

    This election for me has been like a horribly bad scripted reality show. Every time I read the news its some new narrative that I just don’t care about. Who is calling someone fat, who is selling government access for personal gain? I say who fucking cares? We all know certain things go on behind closed doors? Why do we act so shocked and surprised all the time?

    The actual issues aren’t even being discussed. I watched the debates this year for the first time in as long as I can remember. Instead of debating the critical issues that face our country, like health care, jobs and national security. We got to hear two grown adults throw insults at one another. Honestly neither one of them is a particularly upstanding person. I’m not even sure that matters to me, however, it would be nice to hear some new and interesting ideas.

    I honestly don’t care what type of person they are. Just because someone calls someone a name doesn’t make them a bad leader. Just because someone tries to make a little “jack” on the side also does not make them a bad person. No one is perfect and we all say and do things we may not be proud of, let it go already. We are human and we make mistakes and at times do things we regret. It’s just how we are made.

    I’m not trying to elect someone who is the perfect human. Let’s be clear in that we are not looking for an omnipotent living God here. We are trying to find someone who will do their best given the information and circumstances presented to them. That’s it. It’s really easy to second guess every decision someone makes. It isn’t so easy when you are the one making the decision.

    Watching this election has literally been like watching a Greek tragedy. Every day there is something new to be depressed about. If anyone reads literature you well know the Greek tragedies don’t have a happy ending. I think that’s what we are getting. There is no happy ending here. I have no idea how it has come to this, but it did. This election is spiraling out of control. It’s become so bad I don’t even like hearing or watching it anymore due to the anxiety it is creating for me.

    No matter what happens in the current election or what the outcome is, we all lose. Debating politics and policy is one of my favorite pastimes. I don’t care what side you are on, if you have half a fucking brain you don’t have anything to say that’s positive.

    I don’t know if it is the two party system that has failed us. Maybe the propaganda machine has finally gone awry. Hell, I don’t even know if people are just so dumb now they can’t even see the forest through the trees. What I do know, is that for the first time in the history of our great country we are in serious trouble.

The Deviant View on the election

    It doesn’t matter what side of the political row you are on. At this moment we can all agree that either way you are getting the booby prize. We are at a cross roads in our countries development and we need a serious and creative leader to see us through to the other side. Apparently this isn’t the year of change, rather a year of utter and complete madness.

By King Deviant
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