The two party politics system has finally failed us


    The election this year is yet again based on our current party political “line” system. The election to some extent is interesting to say the least. I personally tend to have strong opinions on politics. I am more than willing to debate issues, especially during an election. This year for the first time in my short history on this floating rock no one is actually willing to debate. I guess when you are in a lose/lose situation there isn’t much to talk about.

    The conversations I have personally been a part of, usually start like this. Well they both suck so I’m not sure what to say. When you consider how polarizer politics can be that two strongly opinionated people can actually agree there is nothing to debate. I think you have to ask yourself, how often does that happen?

    The dominant two party politics system has worked to some degree for the last century or so. The system has been able to placate the vast majority of society. You were either red or blue and that was sufficient enough to get things done. The problem we have today is the vast majority of society doesn’t tend to bleed red or blue through and through. The old politics and the party lines are on the way out.

    Opinions have been changing over the last 50 years or so. People have different ideas especially as it relates to politics. Mostly it seems they have even gravitating to be centered towards the middle. The line between ideologies is becoming more and more blurred. Our grandparents were pretty set in their ways. They would inherit the views of their parents and that was the end of a family’s political debate. I actually remember my parents saying to me, we vote Democrat end of discussion. Today, the up and coming generations are a lot more tolerant. They are more than willing to leave some room for everyone.

    I personally can’t believe it actually has taken so long to consider a viable alternative to the dominance of politics today. Honestly, I thought people would have woken up a long time ago. We need a viable third political party with someone who can provide a different but honest opinion of the serious issues today. We can no longer try and placate just enough people to get elected. There is just too much at stake for everyone.

    Religious morality concepts have for the most part been the domineering dogma in the political landscape. I personally would love to have a candidate that is more concerned about what is best for the people of our great society. We no longer need candidates in my opinion that tow the religious line. The old saying times change people don’t no longer holds true. People are changing but our political system isn’t.

    People today are changing as we evolve. We are embarking on the new age. With it is coming an entirely new generation of tolerance. People today are more akin to be accepting of different ways of life. It’s been a long time coming. Whatever the new generation is called these days they are not interested in debating the old ways, they want to consider the new ways.

    I think a viable third party candidate would be a great addition to the political landscape. Sometimes a good shake up of the system is a good thing. Think of it like an O negative blood infusion. A universal candidate that can bring a little unity to the system would be great.

    I know there are things about both candidates that I like and there are things about both candidates that I don’t agree with. I don’t know why we as voters always have to take the good with the bad. It would be great to vote with whom I agree with, not the person I disagree with more.

The Deviant View on Politics

    We can all agree it is time for change. Change will not happen until we have multiple viable political candidates who are more representative of a diverse country like ours. That’s how everyone gets a voice and a stake in the system. When you know you are being wholly represented not just partly. How do we get there, I don’t know. I think in the age of information anything is possible. Money can only affect so much in politics when you have an informed society.

    We should all keep our eyes and ears open so that in the future we can add another dimension to the system. A dimension that would and could represent all of our voices in the hope we can affect real change. That is the way our great republic was set up and designed to work.

King Deviant
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