TRUMP WINS, Long Live the Republic

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    FINALLY the silent majority has stood up and made its presence known. The Republic is alive and well. Holy Shit it has taken a long time. The American people have clearly stopped believing the lies and did not go silently into the night. The Americans showed their resolve and determination last night. They showed the world we are not going to let someone dictate to us our fate. The American people came together to prove once again we are not to be taken lightly.

    The Corp Controlled media and all its propaganda couldn’t pull it off. They huffed and puffed and the American people blew their fucking house down. How about that? If anything, it goes to show you the power of our great Republic. Trump winning last night, for me, is proof our founders did something amazing. The American people stood up and owned the responsibility to protect what was entrusted to us.

    We should all be celebrating the outcome as a victory for the Republic. Our great Republic has yet again stood tall as a shining light of hope for the rest of the world to witness. The American people are a true and wondrous force to reckon with. Democracy is alive and doing quite well despite the attack on personal freedoms. The world was in awe that we are not the stupid Americans we are portrayed to be.

    We came together against tyranny and oppression and literally threw it out. We will not allow ourselves to be treated unfairly anymore. The vote last night was a warning shot across the bow of freedom. It put those on notice that any attempt to strip the American people of our rights will be met with fury. Those out there in our great country let it be known they will not let anyone try and pull a fast one to usurp the freedoms bestowed upon us.

The Deviant View on the Republic

    Last night was a line in the sand. Now we should all keep that anger going to ensure what needs to be done to preserve the American way of life is done. Last night wasn’t the end, it was the beginning of change. The road will be long and tumultuous to get back what has been taken over the last decade or so.

    If there is one thing I know about the American people, we will not go down so easily. Now let’s keep the fight going to get this country back on track. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!

By King Deviant
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