You say you want a Revolution


    The Presidential election this year has seemingly sparked a lot of interest in Revolution. Honestly, I for the life of me cannot understand what the call to fight is all about. I haven’t read or heard of anyone’s right being taken away. The election was fair and square. The people spoke and when you live in a republic like ours you honor the democratic process.

    The hard working decent citizens of our country have spoken. They came out and voted for the President they felt would be best to lead our country through some very trying times. Hopefully those trying times will not include a revolution and rioting.

    Revolutions are bad business. We should strive to bring the country together and find new ways to evolve and make it better. The overly entitled “me” generation must realize this country is not about them. Our country is for everyone. It’s not perfect because nothing ever is, but our Republic is a lot better than anywhere else.

    Revolutions are about freedom, freedom from oppression and tyranny that robs men, women and children of their right to be free. I cannot even imagine why anyone would call for a revolution when a democratic society elects a President freely. Revolutions are not about when your feelings get hurt or you don’t get your way.

    Our founders setup our Republic for a reason and we should all have enough decency to respect the process. There is no reason to attack and riot. You win some you lose some. That’s how the process works. Now we see the overly entitled, sore loser generation who thinks everyone is here to serve them acting out just like when Mommy and Daddy used to tell them NO! Maybe instead of rioting you can hold your breath like a spoiled little kid. I think a lot of these issues will be solved real quick when you find out the hard working salt of the earth Americans don’t give a shit about your entitled opinions.

    For many years now our country has been on a downward slide and the majority of us can agree on that. Let’s start where we agree. We may not agree on how to fix the issues, we may not even agree on what the issues are. However, we all have a starting point for constructive dialogue that can bring about change without the need for violence or revolution.

The Deviant View on Revolution

    If anyone feels like it is a good idea to incite or start a revolution you are seriously delusional. Why don’t you ingrates look at what happens in countries like Syria when civil war revolutions break out. Its absolutely horrific what happens in those circumstances. Our country and our republic and the hard working decent people of this great society deserve better than a bunch of overly entitled idiots trying to ruin it for everybody.

    The right of protest is a fundamental right of our Republic. However, calls for revolution or the destruction of personal and public property is not a right and at some point will lead to dire consequences. I can’t think of anyone that would want that to happen.

    In our country we celebrate our differences, that is exactly what makes our country great. We respect and honor the system of election our founders set up. As citizens of this country, we respect the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States. We respect and honor other peoples property as they have worked hard to acquire it.

    Peaceful protest and speaking an opinion is fair game and a right that should be exercised. Revolutions and riots lead to something much worse. I would encourage anyone considering a call to revolution to reconsider because the consequences are not worth it.

    If this election has taught me one thing, it’s that there are a lot more deviants in our great country and a lot less douche bags.

King Deviant
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