The Glass Ceiling was shattered this election

    Hillary gave a concession speech which went on and on about not be able to shatter the glass ceiling. It just so happens I disagree with her. I know we didn’t get a woman President. Lets be honest here, the fact that she lost had nothing to do with her being a woman. If she was elected it should also have nothing to do with her being a woman. We should not be electing the leader of the free world on race or gender.

    The Glass Ceiling is a term Hillary used over and over to paint a picture of a woman who can see the top of the mountain but there is a barrier to getting there. How true that is I actually don’t know. There is only one President in the US and I can only imagine there have been many people who have seen the top of the mountain and could not get there. Whether it has anything to do with being a woman is something I highly doubt.

    The real glass ceiling that was shattered was a Washington outsider who was able to break down the institutional political system to become elected President of the US. Trump broke all the rules and prior requirements to become the 45th president of the US. He was not a carrier politician. He was not a military general. Trump also did not have the monetary power of special interest and the corporate media was clearly against him.

    Trump was a guy who built his fortune on his own, not off the tax payers like Hillary did. He did not have any alternate agenda for becoming President. He just wanted to do what was right for his country which is what public service is about.

The Deviant View on the Glass Ceiling

    Today more than ever given the consolidation of power and money its hard for anyone regardless of race, gender or nationality to get ahead. We have to look past the forest to see the trees to fix the real issues. We have to let go of the notion that it is harder for some and not others.

    Let me be clear it is extremely hard for the have not’s and very easy for the haves. End Of story. We have to stop using the old rhetoric to convince the masses of outdated ideology. If we as a country truly want it to get better for everyone, than everyone has to put aside their self pity and delusional ideology to focus on unity for all.

King Deviant
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