Stop climate change, butt plug for everyone and everything

climate change, butt plug

    Butt plugs to save the planet and stop climate change? Some of you may be wondering why that is the title of this post. There is a lot in the corporate controlled media today spewing about global warming. Governments around the world are so concerned about greenhouse gasses they now have invented what’s known as the carbon tax. Which if you don’t know is essentially a tax on being alive. Given the serious nature of this movement, you have to wonder why the largest contributing factor to greenhouse gas isn’t even mentioned in the propaganda.

    Celebrities all over the world are taking up the fight to save the planet, what I find interesting is if what they say is true then a butt plug should do the trick. If a dam is leaking water you have to plug the leak. If you don’t, eventually the hole expands to a point where the damn is not structurally sound enough to hold the enormous pressure building behind it. Then out of nowhere comes an eruption of water.

    According to statistical data I have seen the largest contributor to carbon emission is, well, animal farting. Some have even said that the dinosaurs may have triggered the ice age because of all the farting and mega pooping. Agreeably the dinosaurs given their size probably farted a lot more than the typical animal today. You might think size counts in a fart contest, honestly if you are around a baby enough you know that deadly farts come in small packages.

    If we are to accept that farting is in fact a contributing cause of global warming we must now consider what to do about it. You can’t get rid of the animals, we need them for food and other goods. Lets be honest, there are a lot of humans out there farting and you sure as heck don’t want to have a culling based on someone’s tendency to fart. Because let’s be honest that sounds ridiculous.

    So, what do you do? You issue mandatory butt plugs for people and animals. I included people because you don’t want to appear one sided claiming an animal is solely to blame. That is the type of blame ideology that leads to racism. We have to all share in this responsibility together. Show our solidarity for the environment and the earth.

    Climate change is a difficult discussion at best. The very nature of anything alive in any abundant form will affect the environment. Do I think climate change is real, of course it is. We know the earth goes through changes and living things, all living things have an effect on it. There tends to be a rise in emergency room visits during a full moon, because people seem to act crazier. We can surmise the moons affect on the earth’s gravity and magnetic field also affects people. If we agree that humans and animals alike can be affected by “nature” you can surmise we can also affect it.

The Deviant View on Climate Change

    If we truly want to save what little of the planet we have left, then we have no choice but to change. We should absolutely burn less carbon and eat fewer animals. However, we should also take a little responsibility ourselves and use the butt plug to limit our own carbon output. Makes sense to me.

King Deviant
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