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    I usually try and write back handed philosophy. However, what I am truly passionate about is changing. I believe if we are to evolve and hopefully become an enlightened species in our vast and mysterious universe at some point we have to change.

    We have to be willing to open our minds to new possibilities, new ideas and elevate our existence beyond what we think we know. Too much of how we live is a carefully constructed reality force fed to us so we are enslaved without knowing it.

    I am an observer of people and to some degree i want to know the truth about people. What they really think, how they really feel. When you pull back the layers to learn what lurks below the surface, what I find to be really amazing and beautiful is that if someone is willing to be honest, you learn we are not that different.

    The one constant I have learned, is people are afraid to be judged for how they feel because they don’t want to not “fit in” to the conformist ideology. Imagine that, we all share the same fear of judgment.

    Today there are just too many old outdated ideologies that for whatever reason won’t be allowed to fade away. When will we tie the old ways to the tree and put them down for good? I realize changing can be scary. Most people and ideological groups fear a loss of power and control.

    I’m going to let all of you in on a secret, control is an illusion. No one has any control over the universe and the universe has the ultimate say. Imagine what would happen if an alien showed up tomorrow, just about every religious group on the planet would immediately become obsolete. That’s all it would take. The lies we tell are only good as long as the truth doesn’t present itself.

    As I look around the world and I watch and hear the unprecedented level of misery and despair, I have to wonder why we as a species cannot get past so many petty differences. I know for a fact that a major driving force behind not changing is ultimately related to money.

    Humans are competitive and we need a way to show our superiority to those around us. We haven’t got past the point of understanding power and control are illusions we use to deceive ourselves so we can elevate our minuscule existence in the universe.

    From now on I will write and focus on change and how do we change. I know it won’t happen overnight and I know most people will probably ignore everything I write. Some might even discount me as crazy, and I honestly don’t care. Someone has to start speaking truth. The truth is the only thing that will set us free as a species.

    We have to evolve our ideas on everything. Humans have to engage in a universal perception of reality together. We have to challenge the outdated ideologies that have shackled mankind for millennium. For those who want a real change I would encourage you to keep reading my blog. I will challenge you to see the world differently and challenge what you believe so you can adopt new ideas.

The Deviant view on changing

    Change right now is the only answer to the future. If we want a better future for generations that have not had the chance to live, then now is the time. Change cannot wait, tomorrow is too late, and you cannot wait for someone else to do it first or do it for you.

    We have to be responsible stewards and get over self righteous superiority to accept that we as a people of the universe are not that different. We all want to find that purpose and focus in life.

    You as a reader have to be willing and not afraid to stand up and fight for real change and encourage those around you to do the same.

King Deviant
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