The American Dream is Freedom, not a house with white picket fence

the american dream, freedom

    I am always surprised at how so many people in our county have forgotten that the American Dream is all about freedom. Our founders certainly had a dream for our Republic. They envisioned a place where people were free to be whom or what they wanted to be. They wanted a society that was based on equality so everyone, no matter their status could be afforded the ability to live and thrive.

    America wasn’t created by our founders so people could buy stuff. America wasn’t fought for in all our wars so people could ignore their own lives and responsibilities to watch naked celebrities. I’m not saying people shouldn’t do that, what I’m saying is that is not the freedom our founders envisioned.

    The truth of our freedom is that people will stand up and defend one another and not need a government to do it. People will have enough responsibility and accountability to do what is in the best interest of their nation. America was built and designed to handle everyone and there is room for everyone.

    Somewhere along the line, the media has pulled the infamous bait and switch. The invention of the propaganda machine has led to the new American Dream. People have been reconditioned to think that America is about unlimited shopping and debt, not standing up for the freedoms our founders entrusted us to protect.

    Most people today don’t even know what freedom is. They see freedom as more debt to buy more stuff. They see freedom as they should be able to do whatever they want and they are entitled to even more while doing as little as possible. We should all ask ourselves what kind of world are we leaving behind?

    I am certainly not the smartest person around but I do know the American Dream is not tied to your personal level of consumption. It is the idea that people have a God given right to be free. Our country was not founded on the premise of “keeping up with the Jones’s”. Our country was founded in the idea that if you work hard you can be more than something, you can be anything. You get to live the life you want because it was decided by you for your unique belief system. Without the interference of an overreaching government impeding your every step.

    I realize this may come as a shock to some people. I have learned the farther away you get from the original truth, the less true it becomes. Today, we have a situation where the American Dream is under attack. We should not so easily forget what we are about.

    There are people today who feel they should be able to do whatever they want because we are free. The idea of freedom and what was written into our documents is freedom means accountability and responsibility on a personal level. I realize those two words are now considered “bad” words. How we got here is anyone’s guess. Probably the same reason so many other things in life become distorted.

The Deviant View of Freedom

    If you want to fully understand the notion of freedom and what America really is you should consider this. Think of America and the Republic like a person. A person just like America has faults and isn’t perfect. However, the uniqueness that is brought to the world far outweighs the faults.

    America like a person, evolves and learns. Because a republic is made up of individuals, people, who are trying to figure out how to do things better. America has made a lot of mistakes in the past and will make mistakes in the future. What makes America unique, much like a person, is the freedom to make those mistakes, learn from them and get better.

King Deviant
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