What’s good for the goose kills the gander; great leaders little moral affiliation


    Now that the election is over I want to take a minute to explain a few things about great leaders. We as a country have to stop trying to elect leaders who push whatever popular singular agenda that whatever moral society may have. You may be asking why I think a great leader has little or no moral affiliation?

    What we have to consider is our country is vast and extensive. There are many different belief systems and they should all have a say in the country. That’s how our country was setup. If you were to take the time to look at countries where one specific moral belief system is in place you quickly realize how tyranny comes to power.

    When I look at leaders I want the person that says to the people, yeah I fuck like a rabbit and I don’t care so what. Because I want the person that doesn’t give a shit about popular opinion. I want the person that wants what’s best for everyone and can make decisions on that principle alone. Getting elected or appointed to positions of authority in our country has turned into a full blown popularity contest like high school. Whomever everyone thinks they like the most is the one declared most popular. Whether or not there is any real substance to that determination is irrelevant.

    When a leader makes decisions based on popular opinion we can see where things start to go down. I understand everyone thinks their opinions matter and have yet to grasp the concept their opinion is probably ignorant and based in little or no fact. But that’s the truth and just because it hurts doesn’t make it any less truthful.

    I read over and over again in the news where one person may take issue with something and now that fool becomes the voice of reason for all of us. One person cries and whines loud enough whereas everyone is forced to live in whatever fucked up perceived world some delusional cry baby lives in. If anyone thinks that’s a good way to make decisions that affect hundreds of millions of people then you should be medicated.

    I’ll give you a prime example of this that some should be able to relate with. A while back one of our local high school teams had a few parents that wanted to get the coach fired. I don’t have to go into details of the why, let’s just say there were two parent with kids that sucked and they were bitter. Anyway these two parents show up at the school board and literally have 5 kids over the course of a 20 year coaching career proceed to testify how this coach ruined their lives. First off the coach obviously had 1000’s of kids go on to lead productive and happy lives. Secondly if your life was ruined because you didn’t play as much as you wanted in a high school sport I think you should be taking a much harder look at why you are so worthless and stop blaming other people.

    Anyway, these 5 idiots actually got the school board to terminate this coach. I should have mentioned something. One of the 5 parents who clearly raised a degenerate cry baby ingrate was also what I would call pretty active with a strong voice in the community. See where this is going? One douche bag had enough of a say to literally ruin the future lives of 1000’s of people not 5.

    The coach who was making the best decisions he could for everyone, who won multiple championships and had 100’s of kids go on to successful careers in college and life, was essentially removed and instead the jerk off and his little ingrate got the ability to ruin a storied program so that 5 little whiners could feel like they did something and in the process they ruined 1000’s of lives. What they should have done is give the coach a medal and the others should have been shown the door.

    Do any of you ingrates understand what I’m saying? If not, let me explain it like this. If you’re a cry baby ingrate shut the fuck up, go back to your hole and let the big boys and girls lead and stop getting in the way so you can act like you did something. I have an idea if you want to do something, quit bothering everyone else because you suck and your life isn’t what you though it would be. Your life is what is probably because of you and the choices you made and no one else.

The Deviant View on great leaders

    Imagine if you made decisions for an entire country like that? Well, the last 20 years or so has shown us what happens. Shit gets fucked up real quick. Any leader cannot make decision based on what’s good for the few whiners out there in order to maintain their position of authority.

    This is why I say what’s good for the goose will kill the gander. Whatever one idiot wants should not force the rest of us to conform to their delusional self pity reality. A truly great leader will be both loved and hated because everyone in the end will get a little bit. A truly great leader will have very little if any moral affiliation and it should be that way. You have to remember that our founders weren’t particularly “good” people per se. They were great leaders because at the end of the day they wanted what was best for everyone. If your reading this post, now is the time for you to change how you think.

King Deviant
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