A Court Jester’s opinion matters? Entertainers offering advice to people

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    The problem with an opinion, everyone has one and most do not matter. A few hundred years ago and prior the world was ruled by Kings and Queens. The rulers had a “court” of people who would advise them on the realm and what needed to be done. Whether it was a good system probably depends on who you ask and what their station in the realm was at the time. However, the decisions and opinions that mattered were the ones who had the experience in the matter at hand. For the most part people understood their place in life and worried only about themselves and their families because they had to in order to survive. The rulers provided entertainment in the realm because it was important to entertain and distract people. The performers weren’t there to advise or offer an opinion.

    Fast forward to today. Now the court jester, acrobats and fire breathers are the ones telling you how to think and live. This is important because the same people who are paid to live a life of fantasy and make believe are the same ones who now are some sort of authority on real life. No one in their right mind would take actual medical advice from someone who plays a doctor on TV. So why in the hell would you take any other advice or opinion on matters they sure as hell don’t have any experience in?

    Take a minute to think about what I am saying, don’t be so easily fooled by the fool. That’s exactly what they are paid to do. I personally enjoy quality acting as much as the next person. I do believe it is an art and we are very fortunate to have people that are really good at their craft to entertain and tell stories. However, that’s where it ends for me. I sure as hell won’t listen to anything else they have to say. Entertainers are not advisors. They entertain; they are trained and paid to make you believe stories that aren’t real. The Kings and Queens would direct the entertainment on what to do to distract the peasants. Interestingly, I honestly believe we have the same thing going on today.

    It goes the same for the news. The old saying “believe none of what you read and half of what you see” holds true. Unless you have some experience in a situation I would highly recommend reserving any form of opinion until you do. Letting someone else dictate how you think or feel about anything without any expertise yourself is extremely dangerous. That person who used to stand on the street corner holding a sign about the end of times and yelling through a megaphone how we should all repent is now the guy telling you the “news”. You have to remember that everything is subject to interpretation. If you always listen to someone’s interpretation of an issue you will never understand the entire issue.

The Deviant View on an Opinion.

    I am certainly not here to inform anyone how they should think. Actually, I’m informing you to take a few minutes and try and learn something or at least get some experience in a matter before lecturing everyone like you’re an expert. Taking the time to fully understand all sides of a situation can go a long way to becoming enlightened and knowledgeable.

    A well equipped and articulate fool can easily sound as if they know what they are talking about. It really isn’t that hard to regurgitate information and sound like an expert on the subject. Take a few minutes to educate yourself and maybe you won’t be so gullible to believe the fool.

    If you truly want change, you have to be willing to educate yourself and make your own informed decisions based on what you believe is true. You cannot allow other people to entirely dictate what is you think.

King Deviant
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