Society should be based on continuity not conformity in society

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    A major part of our society is the separation of church and state. Why that is important, is no one single person or group of people can enforce any sort of “conformity” to one particular ideology or moral code. If you want to maintain a republic that is free, the people have to be able to express themselves freely without the threat of persecution. Today, we have allowed the notion of political correctness to invade us and create a backdoor system of conformity.

    The idea of political correctness is nothing more than a propaganda system to stifle ideas and limit individuality. Today if you don’t look a certain way, think a certain way or act a certain way then you aren’t allowed to participate in our system. Or you are regulated to being medicated because there is something wrong with you. You as a person do not have to buy into any lies just to fit in. In a republic there is no general conformity in society.

    If you consider the job of government, it is to setup a system of continuity. We need a way to facilitate trading goods and services that is universal. There needs to be a way to communicate and share ideas without the limitations of language. We need a system in place that enforces general laws so we all have freedoms protected. All of these things are based on the concept of continuity. You don’t have to believe in any particular religion or be a specific color to participate in a republic society.

    We have been led to believe that if you don’t fit in then you cannot participate in our Republic. This notion is an outright lie. It does not matter what your religion is, who or how you like to fuck, what your hair color is or what your political affiliation is. You have a natural born right to participate freely in the republic setup by our founders. I realize that truth has been lost but it doesn’t make it any less true.

    In many of the conversations I have had with people, I hear over and over again there has go to be a better way. There is and it’s called the Deviant Way. People have to have what Jim Morrison called an internal revolution. We cannot be afraid to be ourselves within the boundaries of the civilized law. We collectively have been labeled and deliberately put against one another.

The Deviant View on Conformity in society

    If you are a Deviant you happen to believe there is no place for conformity in society. You are an individual and you conform to how you think and feel. You have no issue with continuity because in a society that is advanced you have to be able to move through and about the system.

    If we start to consider where and how we change for a better future, the first place to start is with ourselves. We have to be honest with who we are and what it is we are looking for. Once we collectively stop playing the game of political correctness we can then start the long process of fixing the issues surrounding the world.

By King Deviant
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