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Editor King DeviantPerilous Times Call For Deviant Measures



humor; butt hurt; feelings; laughter; political correctness; ingrates; funny; satire; government control; nanny state The Government has declared that humor in all types is a form of personal terrorism and as a result will no longer be tolerated. The Government is making every effort to protect citizens from the unnecessary and undue strain placed on feelings when a person resembles a remark. Therefore it has been determined there is a credible threat to the republic when too many feelings are hurt. In order to preserve the Republic laughter is considered a contagion and must be eliminated……

The Deviant View

Obviously, for the ingrates out there I made up that headline hence I did it to make a point. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and not take everything so personal. We live in a world where everyone resembles some type of remark. The term “political correctness” in my opinion is nothing more than an attempt to ban anything that offends an ingrate, including humor. I often find myself wondering in this overly conformist world when humor will be outlawed. It is getting harder and harder to have a conversation with anyone without them being butt hurt about something you may have said. I am convinced if the Government had its way, they would ban humor in all forms to protect people’s feelings from themselves.

No one in this life is perfect and there are many things about being human that are funny. We all have quirks and make decisions that in hind sight we should just laugh about. Consequently there is no shortage of issues in the world today to be upset or angry about. Taking some time to find humor should not be dismissed so easily. Its okay to laugh, how many times have you heard someone said it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I’m saying maybe it is just funny.

ALERT to the Ingrates:

My point for those reading this that are too stupid to get it, is it is okay to laugh and not take everything so seriously. If I’m being perfectly honest the way people behave today there is a lot to make fun of. It’s our imperfections that make us funny. If everyone was or did everything perfect this world would be a miserable place to be in.

I’m not suggesting humor should be mean spirited. I am suggesting it really is okay to laugh at yourself sometimes. Today everyone resembles some sort of remark. It just is what it is. Laughter and the ability to laugh at myself in some bad times really got me through it. Humor can help even the most unbearable curmudgeons see something to be happy about.

Now more than ever the world needs more people who identify with being DEVIANT. The world doesn’t need more conformist cry babies running around trying to dictate a persons private life.

In conclusion, if you are the type of person that gets butt hurt over every little comment, shut the fuck up, keep your miserable opinion to yourself and let everyone else laugh, hopefully at you.

King Deviant is a writer of philosophy, satire and backhanded humor as it relates to life, politics and relationships. 

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