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is a humorous take on weight loss and the sham of the weight loss industry. The point of the post is there are no easy answers. You have to be willing to change your lifestyle and do something. Eating badly, sedentary living will do nothing to enhance your health. as a person you have to be willing to forgo the easy quick fix answers and do the hard stuff. Nothing in life worth doing is easy, and it should be that way. Don’t’ believe the people selling snake oil and take it upon yourself to do what needs done. It’s not an easy thing to so but it is worth doing.

Weight Loss Program for Deviants – Analcise

March 7, 2016 0

    A while back I was at an event for one of my children with my wife. My wife is very healthy and is in very good shaped after having 2 children. There were 2 or […]